Crypto Hunters Offical Site


1: This is most important. DONT BE RUDE. I will not stand for bullying, racism, or unkindness in any way.

 2: Keep all sexual comments, pics, or jokes to your self. We are here for cryptids, not bad mouthed fools.

3: Keep cussing to a severe minimum. If I see you taking a advantage of this, your gone.

4: Dont get into others personal life. This is the Internet, so anyone can get on at any time.


This is the offical Crypto Hunters website. I am Wolven Hunter. Check out the pictures, leave sightings, chat with our members, and sign up. This place is safe, secure, and I make sure my members are kind to others. Please report those who are not to me. Thanks!


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Welcome to Crypto Hunters!

Hello my friends. Welcome to Crypto Hunters. To keep my identity safe, call me Wolven Hunter. The reason I started this was, well, cryptids are awesome. I've always enjoyed ghosts, Nessie, and bigfoot, so they got me into it. I started the group with only a few members, and now I started this website, I now got all of you to assist me. We are strictly about cryptids, or something reasonable to chat about. Please don't break my rules, and I will accept you and keep you safe on my site. Thanks!